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Your project could be part of the official programme of LUGA, the national horticultural exhibition. The call for applications was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, the Inspectorate General of Finance and the Luxembourg Horticultural Federation.

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Many ways to participate
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  • Sponsorship and mentoring (financial or practical support)
  • Promoting projects in four main locations (horticultural, environmental, social, pedagogical, cultural, urban, tourism, hotels/hospitality projects)
  • Promoting projects outside the main locations (horticultural, environmental, social, pedagogical, cultural, urban, tourism, hotels/hospitality projects)
  • Thematic expertise – member of a consultative committee (horticultural, cultural, pedagogical, tourism, urban or technical projects regarding for example general security, hygiene, mobility, public works and more)
  • Ambassador – influencer (anyone who would like to support LUGA as a spokesperson or in any other capacity)

Who can participate?
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  • Ministries, local authorities, associations, non-governmental organisations, public interest foundations, trade unions, companies, groups and federations working to raise awareness of the concepts of agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, tourism, the environment, urban planning and circular economy
  • Individuals
  • Schools and extra-curricular establishments
  • Private and public cultural institutions (museums, exhibition centres, libraries, concert halls, musicians, artists, etc.)
  • Corporates
  • Commercial companies and suppliers of tourism services

How will the projects be chosen?
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Suggested projects will be reviewed by a selection committee using a predefined criteria weighting system. This committee will be composed of members of the LUGA board as well as thematic experts chosen by the board.

Which projects could be eligible for co-financing?
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Many types of project created specifically for LUGA will be eligible for co-financing, including:

  • Exhibition, open doors or horticultural decoration
  • Show, event or cultural exhibition
  • Touristic event or space
  • Pedagogical activity
  • Conference, seminar, workshop
  • Rally, guided tour, circuit
  • Touristic or gastronomic offering
  • Research, literary work, publication
  • Construction of an urban planning project
  • Digital application, open data project, etc.

The project must take place in one of the four main locations:

  • Pétrusse valley
  • Municipal or Pescatore parks
  • Grund, Clausen, Pfaffenthal
  • Kirchberg

Discover the locations

The project must have a direct link to at least one of LUGA’s four themes:

  • Pure Nature
  • Nature & Society
  • Nature & Culture
  • Nature & Urban Development

Discover the themes

The project must meet a maximum of the following criteria of the predefined charter and be in line with the general philosophy of LUGA, with the following general objectives:

  • Promote the agricultural sector
  • Highlight the value of ecological urban planning
  • Associate natural and cultural diversity
  • Express a positive touristic image of the country
  • Highlight historic heritage
  • Raise awareness and educate about food production and the environment
  • Promote methods that avoid pesticides, as well as encouraging local, seasonal and socially responsible production
  • Respect the low-ecological impact vocation of the event (limit the use of resources and the production of emissions and waste)
  • Protect the climate and encourage adaptation to climate change
  • Integrate circular economy principles
  • Enable eco-responsible mobility and the participation of people with reduced mobility
  • Suggest innovative concepts

Anyone interested in participating must describe in detail the feasibility and management methods of the project, explaining the different stages that each project will go through. They must also present a detailed budget if co-financing is sought.

How to participate across the country?
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Many projects can be integrated into the LUGA programme, particularly:

  • Exhibitions or horticultural decorations
  • Shows, events or cultural exhibitions
  • Touristic events or space
  • Pedagogical activities
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Rallies, guided tours, circuits
  • Touristic or gastronomic offerings
  • Research, literary works, publications
  • Construction of an urban planning project
  • Digital applications, open data projects, etc.

Which must also :

  • Already exist, either in the four main locations, or in one of the City’s neighbourhoods, or elsewhere in country
  • Fulfil a minimum number of criteria predefined by the charter, and be in accordance with the general philosophy of LUGA 2023, with general objectives such as those specified to be eligible for co-financing.
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